Manoir Mouret

Andillac, France

"A Wellness Retreat within a stylish slice of French rural life..."

What can I say about my first International Wellness Retreat?

As a host, event planning but particularly the execution is always rewarding,  especially when I catch glimpses of laughter/enjoyment/fulfilment from my guests: makes it all so worthwhile. 

However, spending 6 days getting to know your guests and seeing them bond, make lifelong friends, share life stories and nourish on the journey, is on another level for me.  

We laughed, explored, relaxed, learnt new moves, different techniques, dipped into spirituality, experimented with different foods plus so much more, all within a luxurious setting in the heart of the French countryside.  

I can’t express how rewarding this past week has been for me and am grateful to my wonderful team who I couldn’t have done it without.  A huge thank you to my ‘Mostess’  Eva for her support and exceptional organisational skills, to our amazing Chef, Taylor who delivered delicious retreat home cooked, wholesome food and to our wonderful Holistic Practitioner, Laurence Brian and Pilates Instructor,  Mary Ann Weeks. 

Limited availability for the 1-6 October 2024 retreat at the same venue. Click here or DM to secure your place

Some memories

Five Night Stay in South West France

1st to 6th October 2024

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